AFBTP Management Model :

The AFBTP is currently managed by the executive council, which is composed of the president, secretary and chief executive officer of the organization and assisted by other members of the board, the chair of the advisory committee and some members as volunteer consultants.

The AFBTP groups together people of more than thirty provenance and all categories of immigration. It aims to contribute to the socio-economic integration of immigrants and the prosperity of Canada through the implementation of business start-up projects.

Composition of current Board and Executive :


Loc Huynh 

He is the president of the board of directors, represents the organization at the highest level and is the person responsible for ensuring the good governance of the organization. He validates the financial statements of the organization by his expertise in accounting and is an authorized signatory of the organization.
He is a member of the FBTPs sub-group in finance and accounting.


Denis Aubin 


He is the vice-president, the person to replace the president in case of emergency, he assures the same tasks of the president in terms of governance. He is also an authorized signatory of the organization. He sits on the FBTP Entrepreneurs sub-group.

Amhanda Kourouma


She is secretary and keeps the register of the organization. She also works as a relationship officer for the organization. She is also an authorized signatory of the organization. It sits in the sub-group of business people.

Alexandra Sanson

She is delegated and participates in the promotional activities of the organization. It is located in the sub-group of social and human sciences.

Eddy Chery


He is the treasurer of the organization, the one responsible for ensuring the proper use of financial resources. He must also act as a delegate and scout in matters of external contact. He sits in the sub-group of entrepreneurs.


Philippe Dieudonné

He is the founder of the group and is currently the managing director. It maintains relationships with partners and manages all operational aspects of the organization. He is responsible to the Board and reports on the organization’s progress and performs administrative follow-ups with donors and other stakeholders. He is an authorized signatory of the organization. He is a member of the Science and Technology sub-group.