Results already achieved by RPNFE in the past

Partnership agreements with La Cité, CESOC, ADEP, Franco-Présence, RDÉE Ontario, FESFO, City of Casselman on projects submitted to certain donors

72 FBTPs registered as members of the organization

4 subgroups in the following sectors: Science and Technology, Health Sciences, Accounting and Finance, Entrepreneurship

238 people have already participated in the following activities: Forum intersection of multiculturalism 2014 and 2015, 23 workshops on topics such as: Personal Finance, Business Start-up and Expansion Strategies and Tools, Key Factors for Success, Networking , Key success factors, cv technique and electronic profile to position itself in the search engines.

Expansion of Pili Pili Grilled Chicken with nearly 20 new employees including 13 immigrants.

Collected sponsorship funds that stretch to nearly $ 14,000 over 2 years for forums

To have honored 23 professionals over the past 3 years, including the hon. Member for Ottawa-Vanier and the managers and leaders of Francophone organizations in the region.

Successful to have representations of organizations and political personalities in our activities

Successful to have more than 15 sponsors and supporters for our forums

Having given gifts to more than 120 children during the year-end activities and having a good visibility with the Children’s Aid Society for the transfer of these gifts to children

Participated in the expansion of the company Microform internationally by opening a subsidiary in France and CS2 Coutellerie with 2 new sellers and 5 sales exhibitions per year

15 new people are starting up in business and / or as self-employed

ACCESS TO ENTREPRENEURSHIP – Newcomers receive seminars to better understand the business world and to improve their skills and knowledge of the Canadian work environment.

Different companies have been created.

Many seminars to give them a better knowledge of their environment