Date of incorporation: July 19, 2009 on behalf of “ODCIP-OSDIP”

Date of extension and change of name of organization: December 19, 2013, new name of “RPNFE-AFBTP”


Founders :







The organization is founded in 2009 following the many discussions and reflections between a 20-year-old physician Dr. Hamza Sadi and four recipients of Masters in project management (Philippe Dieudonné and Henry Moreau, originally from Haiti, originally from Maximilien Sikubwabo Of Rwanda and Aloys Sirabahenda, originally from Burundi). Discussions and reflections focused on professional integration by internationally trained immigrants, the functioning of professional orders in Canada, and the barriers faced by professionals born and trained abroad.

It was a question of thinking to address this issue through advocacy with decision-makers and employers and offering tools to the professional immigrant so that he can navigate better through the system, while privileging the self Employment and entrepreneurship. There is no need to go back to the non-anecdotal cases of taxi drivers, floor engineers (sweepers), teachers, lifetime substitutes and other professionals, reduced to the status of perpetual jobseekers and Establish a sustainable basis for financial assistance.

Among us were engineers, doctors and economists trained outside of Canada who opted for the resumption or further study in Canada to increase the chances of success in the Canadian labor market.

In fact, in order to share our experiences with other professionals and encourage them to optimize their skills in Canada for a better social and professional integration in Canada, we created this organization.

From the ODSIP (Organization for the development of skills and integration of professionals) its first name as of the receipt of the letter patent on July 19, 2010 to AFBTP (grouping of professionals born or educated abroad) its current denomination, The organization was able to make itself known in the region. However, beyond this recognition and visibility, the AFBTP is faced with a lack of financial resources to fully realize its objectives, its mission and projects that would enable it to have more impact on these targets of choice and contribute And thus the development of the host community.