This grouping seeks to be the benchmark for FBTP in Canada by creating sub-clusters within its jurisdictions.


The AFBTP’s vision is to bring the born or trained professionals abroad and their descendants to build their confidence in their own future in Canada.

The specific objectives of the AFBTP :


1. Participate in the reduction of barriers related to the practice of professional functions regulated by the different professional orders through advocacy.

2. Identify and identify the skills needs of PROFESSIONALS BORN OR FORMED ABROAD in order to prepare them to better adjust to the conditions established by the labor market.

3. Define a consultation framework with different partners from both the private and public sectors in order to better channel the available resources.

4. Establish strong and open channels of communication with the various partners for the rational use of these skills in environments where needs are identified.

5. Promote the rapid integration of FOREIGN OR FORMED PROFESSIONALS and undertake any activity aimed at the effective social, economic and cultural integration of qualified professionals in Canada.

6. Provide technical support to qualified professionals in the field of information technology and other related fields to enable them to respond to new challenges related to the changing environment of this century.

7. Strengthen collaboration between non-governmental organizations and intergovernmental organizations working for the economic integration of PROFESSIONALS BORN OR FORMED ABROAD.

8. Contribute to the capacity building of organizations and the development or evaluation of rules and procedures that ensure the effectiveness of services provided to newcomers and professional immigrants.

9. Disseminate, for the benefit of our target population, information concerning the various government programs that are aimed at PROFESSIONALS BORN OR FORMED ABROAD.

10. Contribute to the integration into the labor market or the business world of all foreign-born or foreign-trained PROFESSIONALS who wish to obtain assistance at this level.

11. Advocate for better economic and social integration of PROFESSIONALS BORN OR FORMED ABROAD.